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The Importance of Reusable Menstrual Cups.

The menstruation cycle is not optional which is why women have option and they go beyond the tampons or sanitary pads. There are many women who do not make this choice because they do not the benefits. You might have heard cases where people suffered from toxic shock syndrome due to use of tampons but this has never been heard of when women use reusable menstrual cups. TSS is serious infection which is brought about by wearing a tampon for longer that expected. It is worth noting that the menstrual cups simply hold the menstrual fluid as opposed to absorbing it which would increase the chances of a bacterial infection. Also, once inserted, it will be air proof because the vaginal walls have a light seal. The absence of air means bacteria growth will be minimal if not eliminated which is news that should make you happy. This is why every woman should have a reusable menstrual cup.

When you insert a tampon, it is going to absorb everything in the vaginal canal and when the secretions are sucked, the walls will be left dry which is not a state they should be in. When the vaginal environment is interrupted, the area will be left exposed and itchy and this might be the start of infections not to mention injuries. You do not have to worry about this when you are using menstrual cups because they only collect the blood enabling the reproductive system to function naturally. You will not have to keep emptying the cups every 3 or 6 hours because they can stay in place for twelve hour. Menses are uncomfortable enough without adding to the list which makes menstrual cups the best option because they are very comfortable to wear making you forgetting about what is actually going on. When you are wearing the cup for the first time, you might feel weird but this is not a cause of alarm because you will adjust shortly after.

Once you buy the cup, you can use it for as long as you want. You will be able to save the money which you could otherwise be using on a monthly basis to buy tampons or sanitary towels. Blood will have an odor when it comes out and allowed to sit for a while and this is something you can avoid with menstrual cups because they will collect it before it gets out saving you the trouble. Menses are something personal which means you do not want the odor of the blood coming inside you selling your issues to the next person when you are trying to focus on what you are doing. The reason why people notice the nasty distinct period odor is because when the blood gets absorbed in the tampon or sanitary pad is exposed to air then the action of bacteria will lead to this.

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